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Reporting Email Delivery Problems

Please read the following instructions and fully complete the form.

If you received a bounce message like the one below it is an indication that the IP address of your sending server has been blocked from delivering to us or our customers you may request to have it unblocked here.

Please copy and paste the entire contents of the “bounce” or “Delivery failure” message you received in email.

You should have received a message like:

Unsolicited e-mail from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx refused by CompanyV. See http://www.companyv.com/support/request/

The numbers “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx “ in the message above is the IP address of the sending server.

If you are aware of additional send servers for your email please include those IP addresses as well.

Please Fill out the form carefully! PLEASE copy and paste the ENTIRE bounce message you got back!

We require the email address you were sending to in order to inform them and you when resolved.

Your Name (required):

Your Email (required) that you were sending from:

Your Domain Name (the part after the @ sign in your email address)

Email address you were sending to: (required)

Please provide the Delivery Failure or bounce message you received:
You may also provide additional information like your phone number or additional sending servers or information about your service provider.



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