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We have fully managed hosted solutions.

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We take the security of all of our hosted services very seriously.

We don’t offer package deals or plug-and-play installers.

“When Off-the-shelf isn’t good enough!”
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We offer fully managed WordPress Hosting

Our managed DeSpaminator will keep your In Box  clean!

“When Off-the-shelf isn’t good enough!”
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Welcome to our WordPress Site

Welcome to CompanyV

CompanyV offers custom managed WordPress hosting; managed and unmanaged and VPS in addition to consulting and development in niche areas of the internet and various specialized technologies.
You can view our OTHER site (not in WordPress) HERE: www.companyv.com.
We also use this site to share information; to set up wordpress demos and to test plugins.
And we answer the phone!

“When Off-the-shelf isn’t good enough!”
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Why Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting from us is more costly than with many other providers for very good reasons. We know what we are doing, we do it well and we take your business as seriously as you do.... sometimes even more, and we answer the phone when you need something....

Holdmail Confirmation Doc Do NOT Click on embedded links !

Holdmail Confirmation Doc emails like this one are dangerous! This email contains an embedded link which means all you see in the email is a "Please click here" but the link is to a script or a tracker or who knows what! In this instance it is to a PHP...

Couldflare Microsoft and Amazon score in the top 10 for The World’s Worst Spam Support ISPs

As of 01 June 2017, Cloudflare, Microsoft, and Amazon are in the top 10 list of the ISPs with the worst Abuse Departments and consequently the worst reputations for knowingly hosting spam operations.

Couldflare hosts for distributed spam links ?

A security update from WordFence CompanyV has been a long time customer of WordFence for WordPress. The following entry was posted on Wordfence.com in General Security, WordPress Security on February 23, 2017 by Mark Maunder Cloudflare has experienced...

Post office and UPS scam emails containing Virus

This email originated in Italy: from IP: inetnum: - netname: VODAFONE-IT descr: IP addresses reserved to DSL subscribers country: IT admin-c: VI745-RIPE tech-c: VI745-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: VODAFONE-IT-MNT created:...

New spam blast for 2016 MissDomain Group AB – SE-MISSGROUP-* and.xyz domains

Much of the spam today has links to domains on the TLD of .xyz Today there was a huge blast from a new (to me) source and none of the ranges have abuse contacts. I added an auto score for anything with links to .xyz domains and have been outright blocking ranges one...

RAH RAH U.S.A. Number ONE all the WAY – for sending the most spam

Not ONLY are we number 1 - we are really far in the lead! USA: Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 2876 China: Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 1933 Russian: Federation Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 916 Above as of 12/22/2015 See:...

Why don’t companies who CAN do something – DO SOMETHING?

Abuse reports to service providers should result in action - unfortunately they often result in frustration! Today I sent an abuse report to abuse@WEB.com The reason I sent the report was a spammer I had already complained about was now sending malware attachments....

AD tracking and the resulting spam

The PROs and CONs of interest based advertising Never has the term "Pros and Cons" been more applicable in an ironic duality, in my opinion! The PROS love interest based advertising! Professional Marketing people love it because they can focus ads on a...

STOP the forced Windows 10 Upgrade preparation files

Microsoft has been delivering Windows 10 upgrade installation files onto Windows 7 and 8 machines - even if the user has not selected to upgrade to Windows 10.  This causes long downloads, significant bandwidth usage, and long system shutdowns (the upgrade files are...