ISPs can engage with AOL in what is known as a “feedback loop” [click for information]

AOL sends our abuse team an email if an email user and AOL clicks the spam button on an email from one of our email customers.

There are some problems with this system

AOL redacts the email address our client sent to.

99% of the time the content of the email was a follow-up on an agreed transaction and the AOL user either mistakenly clicked the “SPAM” button – or used that to clear the message from their INBOX.

REALLY – it amazes be the mail that AOL users report as SPAM. AOL will send us a copy of the suspected spam. ALMOST always it is an email that is a response to a request for account information that ORIGINATED as a request from the person with the AOL address!.

SOooo – exactly how are you supposed to remedy an instance where the problem is between the chair and the keyboard on the recipient end?

I recommend to our clients – IF you have customers with AOL addresses or even if you simply know SOMEBODY with an AOL address – EDUCATE THEM!
Please tell them – the spam button is not an “EASY” button for you to click to clean out you inbox!

How are AOL spam complaints generated, and how do I get a feed of the complaints?

Complaints are generated by AOL members clicking “Spam” on the AOL mail interface. The reports are not automatically generated, and people cannot report mail that was delivered to their spam-folders.

TELL YOUR AOL friends and customers to PLEASE DO NOT CLICK the SPAM button on good mail – it could result in mail providers being banned from sending to AOL!