If your IP address is managed by a service provider on this page or listed with SPAMHAUS RBL or ROKSO we probably will not set an allow for it to deliver mail to our servers.

The following is a group of bad service providers all run by the same people and have been identified as sending spam specifically to our customers:

  • hostopia.com
  • Aplus.net
  • usahosting.com
  • ThePlanet.com
  • congtylamweb.net
  • matbao.com
  • hostgator.com

These are problematic mail servers:

  • megamailservers.com
  • carrierzone.com

These are all the same company:

  • 24hourwebhostingsupport.com
  • Aplus.net Internet Services
  • Hostopia.com, Inc.
  • Internet Names for Business
  • SoftLayer Technologies Inc.


The Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) is a register of spam senders and spam services that have been thrown off Internet Service Providers 3 times or more in connection with spamming or providing spam services, and are therefore repeat offenders. Spamhaus believes that these known determined professional spam operations are responsible for approximately 80% of spam on the Internet.

The ROKSO database collates information and evidence on each spam operation to assist ISP Abuse Desks and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The existence of these known professional spammers, the aliases and shell companies they use to obtain ISP accounts, their methods and history is vital need-to-know information for the protection of internet networks.

The current list of ROKSO spammers is located at this webpage.


How many ROKSO spam operations are there?
For several years the number of known professional spam operations in the ROKSO List has been in the range of 100 to 150 outfits.

Each ‘spam operation’ consists of one or more spammers working together with partners (“partner-in-spam”), associates, affiliates or spam-friendly host operators and therefore “100” spam operations can consist of roughly 1000 individuals. Each spam operation has ever-changing aliases, domains, and hosting as spammers attempt to disguise their opperations.

The “100” number tends to remain steady over the years due to the turnover of ROKSO spam operations that are either put out of business, or who, through lack of networks willing to host them due to their ROKSO history, or through genuine change of direction, decide to quit the spam business.

Since January 2000, over 450 former spam operations have spent time in and been removed from ROKSO. The vast majority of these have never been heard of again. Encouragingly, some have gone on to become responsible bulk email marketing firms and we wish them well.

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