Many hosting companies have been reporting to users about the recent Brute-force attacks on WordPress and Joomla sites.

At CompanyV we have been extra busy monitoring and warding off attacks as well.

Remember to keep all plugins and themes up to date and update WordPress when a new release is out as well!

Siteground, hostgator and Liquidweb have sent out notifications to customers.

Sucuri reported seeing a noticeable rise of login attempts
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2012/Dec: 678,519 login attempts blocked

2013/Jan: 1,252,308 login attempts blocked (40k per day)

2013/Feb: 1,034,323 login attempts blocked (36k per day)

2013/Mar: 950,389 login attempts blocked (31k per day)

2013/Apr: 774,104 for the first 10 days – 77,410 per day