After contact with Constant contact through Facebook and LinkdIn the spam has stopped on this issue.

Published on: Jun 11, 2014

I am very sorry to report to our customers that as a company with zero spam tolerance we can no longer recommend the services of ConstantContact.

We are now adding a spam score of +2 to all emails from –

For many years we have recommended this company due to the diligence to compliance they have built their reputation on.

We have recently seen a series of Spams from a company that uses ConstantContact.

  1. Our unsubscribe requests had no impact.
  2. Our complaints to abuse were not responded to.
  3. The Spam from the sender continued.

Normally we would add a spam score for the sending server when Unsubscribe requests failed and report them to abuse contacts for the service provider.

If complaints to abuse are not responded to and the spam continues we normally investigate the senders to see what volume of mail we can detect on all of our servers to gauge the scope of potential abuse.

Because of our longstanding respect for ConstantContact and the number of our customers who use their services we wanted to take greater precautions than we normally would given the circumstances.

Our research on the company sending spam through ConstantContact raised all kinds of red flags as to how they ever vetted lists in the first place!

Because one of the recipients of this spam was our CEO we had every confidence that we were reading the headers properly and following removal protocol as well as reporting to abuse properly.

The lack of response following our reports to abuse at ConstantContact led me to Facebook – where I posted our issues and received a response and an additional set of contacts.

After a few emails I received an email this morning informing me that the address we had provided that was receiving spam had been removed from the senders account. The email also said that “We want you to know that we were a little behind in our email responses due to some technical issue, but please be assured we look at every complaint that comes into our abuse@constantcontact.com mailbox.”

Wait – does this mean that any other unsubscribe requests will be ignored? AND THAT IS OK?

It is our opinion based on the daily sending and ignoring the unsubscribes and the number of complaints sent to abuse that this is problematic. Selling mass mail services to spammers is evil.

I really hope this is not the next big company that has outgrown its ability to delivery quality over profit!

And ConstantContact does appear to be profitable…

[from: http://investor.constantcontact.com/releases.cfm]

“In the quarter we delivered a meaningful acceleration in revenue growth, higher gross margin, improved efficiency in sales and marketing spend and significant gains in profit margins versus the prior year,” said Harpreet Grewal, chief financial officer of Constant Contact. “For the year, we expect an acceleration of revenue growth and expanding margins. We are increasingly confident in our ability to deliver even higher revenue growth rates in subsequent years, while continuing to expand margins.”

[From: http://investor.constantcontact.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=844694]

“Per our preliminary financial results announcement, our first quarter results were extremely strong. We meaningfully accelerated revenue growth in the quarter, driven by record average revenue per customer, new customer additions and customer retention,” said Gail Goodman, chief executive officer of Constant Contact. “The quarter sets us up to accelerate revenue growth for the year.”