If you are new to working at home there are some common  pitfalls that you may notice in the first few weeks.

I have been working remotely for years and can attest to all of them!

Common Pitfalls

  1. You might find yourself both the worst boss or the worst employee, usually both.
  2. You may fall into rabbit holes you never knew existed.
  3. Time may have a way of slowing down or speeding up in very unexpected ways.
  4. Interruptions and distractions may be welcomed and despised.
  5. You might miss aspects of your office and work environment.
  6. You will probably have  many frustrations with technology.
  7. You may find it very hard to begin and or end your day.

Structure is very important!

Structure your workspace

If possible create a work only space. Treat it with reverence – this is where you work. Not where you browse the internet, check into facebook or scour netflix. This is not where you eat, shop, fold laundry or or anything else you would not do at your desk at work.

If you do not have room for a dedicated workspace make one that you assemble for work and dismantle it when not working. Consider the act of assembling and dismantling your commute time.

The reason for this is mindset – to get you in the framework of  going to work, being at work and focusing in your work.

Your time needs structure too

  • Start time
  • Break time
  • Lunch time
  • Break time
  • Quitting time

When we get ready to “go to work” it is amazing how much most people consider in the process before they leave the house and during the commute.

In the back of our minds is a running dialogue as we get ready and commute – what does my day hold – am I dressed for that? What do I need to complete today – what is most important today.

If you wake up, pour a cup of coffee and stumble to your laptop you will most likely not be ready to work!

Take structured breaks and STEP away from the keyboard!

Take a walk. Eat lunch in another room or somewhere else in the house.

Make sure you don’t fall into the snack all day at your desk routine!


Whether you are working for yourself or others your productivity matters to bottom line, and the bottom line matters to your future.

If you find yourself flailing ask for help!