Would you invite a stalker into your home?

Think about it…
let’s say you need a new bed.

And let’s say yesterday you visited 5 local mattress stores.

So… imagine as you are driving home you see a blue van behind you and it looks like a blue van you have been seeing off and on since leaving the second store. You dismiss it as coincidence.

As you walk in the front door of your home you find a post-it note saying “CALL ME – I HAVE THE BEST MATTRESS FOR YOU” the phone is ringing and the caller is saying “Hi there! I know you want a mattress and I have the best! Can I have your credit card number?”

You don’t even have time to respond before the doorbell rings. You look outside see see the blue van with a magnetic sign slapped on the side advertising mattresses.

Would you buy a mattress from ANY of these people?

Do Not Support Spamvertising

I am sad that GOOGLE does not seem to either have the skills, or the resources, or perhaps the motivation to stop Spamvertising.https://cvblog.companyv.com/sane-people-do-not-support-stalker-advertising/

Go out and search for obscure stuff on Google and watch the kinds of ads that start to pop up in all sites you visit.
I find this offensive!
I was interested in office supplies last week for a moment – I do not want or need to be bombarded with office supplies everywhere I go!

But GOOGLE seems to find a lucrative venue in Stalker Advertising and the browser developers are participating and the big companies are buying right in. It sort of reminds me of every evil “get rich quick”, “make easy money”, and other “Free Lunch” concepts that involve taking money from many little pockets and placing it into the deep ones of a few greedy sociopaths.

When you see stalker ads pop up – contact the vendors and tell them you are offended that they are stalking you!

The only way they will stop is if they get backlash from customers and see that it is NOT WORTH IT!

THEN and only then will they give feedback to GOOGLE that sounds like cash walking away.