The most dangerous spam comes in various flavors – from an email that plants a virus or tracking code on your computer to an email that entices you to click on it because it really looks like you should!

The past few years there have been many emails that look like they are from UPS or FEDEX or the post office – telling the unsuspecting recipient about a problem with a delivery.

If you click on those and land on a site that LOOKS like the one you are expecting and if you then login – they have your account login and can immediately start shipping things it it is fedex or UPS – or transferring funds if it is a bank or… (get the picture?)

There are emails that are forged to look like they are from banks and other online service providers that can be very very convincing!

But think about this – the graphics of a forged email are really pretty easy to get – this is easy!

So what should YOU DO?

DO NOT CLICK on anything in email.

If you are using Outlook and you run your mouse over a link – a little grey button should come up with the actual “link” in it. If that link looks at all suspicious DO NOT CLICK IT!