Sliders and more!

Slides with Text and Links allow for quick edits and posting of important information with links to more information!

The Theme in use on this site at this time is DIVI. We are finding the theme stable and very flexible for customizing to develop a wide range of designs and page elements to support displays of information.

Tab one

Easy to add custom looks to pages!

Tab Two

You can fit a lot of information on a page!

Tab Three

When using custom sections you still need to be vigilant about use of meta data.

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Charter School in Sherman Oaks

THAT was easy!

second link

Add two map pins!

From time to time we put up demo pages of plugins for wordpress for evaluation.

This page changes frequently at times. The plugins are either reviewed and placed on client sites or trashed due to our determination that they are not applicable, unsupported or unsafe.

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