I write a lot about negative experiences with reports sent to abuse contacts so I thought I should perhaps note that there are service providers that respond appropriately.

Thanks Linode!

Subject: Re: spam from ip=[linode IP removed by CV due to response]


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will take the necessary action to ensure this is resolved in a timely manner.

Jon F.
Linode Abuse Team

Frontier Communications

Subject: [abuse@frontier.com] Request Received

Thank you for contacting Frontier’s Security and Abuse Department. This is an automated message to inform you that we will process your e-mail in the order in which it was received and could take up to 2 business days for a response if one is deemed necessary.

This e-mail address abuse@frontier.com is for reporting SPAM that ORIGINATES from a Frontier Communications customer. If you are a Frontier Communications customer receiving spam please contact support@frontier.com for assistance with mail filtering.

Abuse complaint submissions: Should contain the IP in question in the subject line when applicable.

Security issues perpetrated by Frontier Communication customers should include all log files showing suspect e-mail address(es), time, date, and the malicious activity. If your request relates in any way to child exploitation, please take the time to also file a report with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at www.cybertipline.org

Phishing or other e-mail requesting your Frontier username, password, and any other of your personal information should also be sent with the original e-mail headers.

DMCA, ESA, and Copyright Infringement notices MUST be sent to our designated agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement at dmca@frontier.com. More information can be found in our AUP / TOS which is available at: http://www.frontier.com/policies/

For SPAM/UCE Complaints:
1) We cannot investigate messages without full e-mail headers. Please include the full, original headers when you submit your request.

2) It is not necessary to send multiple messages with regard to the same issue. Frontier will contact you, at our discretion, if further information is required.

3) Due to the volume of UCE and incomplete or incorrect complaints that do not meet the criteria noted above for submission, we may not be able to investigate each request we receive. We will however attempt to address those issues that we think need immediate action.

For further information on reporting procedures, and information regarding spam/UCE, please see the following URL: http://www.frontierhelp.com/techsupport.cfm

Contact our technical support department by one of the following methods:
E-mail: support@frontier.com
Phone: 1-800-239-4430

Thank you for contacting Frontier!

Frontier Communications
Abuse and Security