Companies that are responsive abuse reports

I write a lot about negative experiences with reports sent to abuse contacts so I thought I should perhaps note that there are service providers that respond appropriately. Thanks Linode! Subject: Re: spam from ip=[linode IP removed by CV due to response] Hello,... From Spamhaus Lindsay’s iMedia Networks is a full-fledged spam-hosting operation serving bulletproof hosting at high premiums to well known...

Theses guys are spammers! (Ubersmith RWhois Server V-2.3.0) autharea= xautharea= network:Class-Name:network network:Auth-Area: network:ID:NET-12671. network:Network-Name:

Continuum Data Centers

This is a huge spam host! Continuum Data Centers, LLC. CDC-LMB-ARIN7 (NET-74-122-192-0-1) – DediDirect CONTINUUM-REASSIGN-74-122-192-128-25 (NET-74-122-192-128-1) –