Please see updated post for CompanyV Contact with ConstantContact

For years we have recommended Constant Contact to our customers because they had proven themselves to hold to a policy of ZERO SPAM TOLERANCE.

Recently we have had complaints regarding a sender using Constant Contact that has not only ignored unsubscribe requests, but sends unwanted spam EVERY DAY.

It is our policy with blocking mail from senders who misbehave to attempt to work with ISPs by sending abuse complaints and by providing clear and concise information to assist in tracking down and stopping offenders.

Complaints had been sent to ConstantContact at

The IP address of the send server:

The recipient had unsubscribed and continues to get spam….

The company qakadeals that is abusing ConstantContact is located in Sweden.
Bots have identified 100 sites that may have the same owners/developers as

Finally I contacted ConstantContact via their facebook page and was asked to send information to a different email address for followup.

The response I received today indicates that it can take up to a week to investigate…
hmmm… and yet they say…

Constant Contact® Anti-Spam Policy
Constant Contact’s Policy

Constant Contact has a no tolerance spam policy. Constant Contact’s customer support actively monitors large import lists and emails going to a large number of subscribers. Any customer found to be using Constant Contact for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the product. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at

Every email contains a mandatory unsubscribe link – those individuals who try to remove this link will be warned that they are doing so. If the link is removed or de-activated in any way, Constant Contact will terminate the customer’s account.