In 2015 we saw a huge uptick in spam from gmail account offering SEO services.

The offers normally say something like “I looked at your site and you can do better…”

The more ridiculous ones say they can get you on the first page of GOOGLE results – that is a blatant lie unless you have an unlimited budget or you are in an industry with zero competitors!

In the early days of website development (in the 90’s) it was a lot of fun to make sites load fast and to get the attention of search engines. A page needed to have no more than about 12k of graphics and if the title, the meta keywords, description and content matched you were golden! Then the xxx industry started hiring folks to scan the news headlines and edit by hand the meta data on sex sites. By the time Monica Lewinski was at the top of the news spin you could get page after page of adult hosting sites by typing blue dress into a search engine.

Fortunately the search engine developers caught on and pushed for better results.

I was very skeptical when GOOGLE got into the keyword advertising business because it seemed like a conflict of interest. In truth – it still does. I realize they have to make money somehow but still it seems a bit of an issue. AND most people I know do not click on ads – the ads are not as trusted as the real source anymore. I get very frustrated when I am looking for something in particular and the results I see are all for “related” companies trying to grab my attention from the actual source of what I am looking for.

As a website OWNER – you want your customers to be able to easily find you on the web. Understanding your statistics in light of the ever changing field of search engine technology and algorithms can be overwhelming.

Do you NEED to run Keyword Ads?

Do you need better meta data?

We can do an analysis of your site – your statistics and your goals and then show you how to interpret it, and how to improve it.

We offer training modules for writing search friendly copy and can teach you tricks in WordPress to get more bang for your buck off your site in a way that will improve your customers experience while building honest traffic to your site!