As I dig through the spam coming to our servers I groan just about every time I see a google IP address. I groan a LOT these days!

A company the size of GOOGLE – with developers as bright as they have on board should really really be ashamed of the amount of garbage landing in INBOXES of people all over the world that is being generated from GMAIL accounts.

Here is an example of just a short window of time on a single account

  • Printer ink spam from IP
  • NEW / HOT power banks from IP
  • Low cost multi monitor video wall solution from IP

The first two IP addresses – according to TCIPUTILS the Number of SPAM hosts on is 271 The number umber of SPAM hosts on is 20

Please if you get a spam from a gmail address – please report it!

Maybe GOOGLE will realize they have a problem!

More today 5/15/15 from ip= below.

I have again reported to GOOGLE…

Hey Guys,

My name is Millie Foord, I work as a Search Specialist for a Marketing Company in Culver City, California and was doing research for another client when I came across your site.

I am willing to offer a report on your site, in plain English to explain the areas and simple coding issues that are harming your search rankings.

Would you be interested in this page report?

I am more than happy to send it to you (free of charge of course33 PAGE SWOT ANALYSIS OF YOUR WEBSITE) all I want is the opportunity to discuss how I could help improve the search traffic and customer enquiries you receive from your site?

Kind Regards,

Millie Foord

We have conducted studies with some of our customers and have found that direct content edits on their sites reaped far greater search results than any paid advertising – if you are tempted to open those spammy SEO emails read this first!