Abuse reports to service providers should result in action – unfortunately they often result in frustration!

Today I sent an abuse report to abuse@WEB.com

The reason I sent the report was a spammer I had already complained about was now sending malware attachments.

This spammer has sent emails to multiple domains I am responsible for, ignores opt-out request, floods the emails with loads of images and today included malware.

As an email service provider when we receive abuse reports regarding our own customers we are on it! We contact both the sender and the person responsible for the domain and our customers know we are really serious about our zero spam tolerance. We educate our customers to have respect for the IP ranges they use for email. Everyone wants to be able to communicate with their customers. Any bad behavior by anyone on a mail server can create havoc for everyone from that domain. Any bad behavior of a any domain can impact the reputation of the email provider.

I expect a response and action when I report abuse to another service provider. I am frequently disappointed of course but non-the-less – I have my expectations!

I sent the email headers to web.com
From the email headers they should have been able to investigate and nail the spammer.

This was the response I received:
Web.com auto repsonder



Ok so I clicked the link and filled out the form – I gave them all of the information even though the form itself was not really appropriate for report spam.

I really dislike that the questions asked on the form are NOT at all the questions that should be asked to send a spam complaint.

To make matters worse they have options that are incomplete.

Whatever – I fill it out!


I hit “submit” breathless in anticipation for the wrongs of the universe to be righted!

but wait…

“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”…..

It can not be – web.com is one of the leaders in all things internet! As of December 2014, Web.com had over 3.3 million subscribers!
A publicly traded company with Revenue: $106.5 million USD (2014) Operating: $10.32 million USD (2014)

REALLY??? And they cannot get a form working? No wonder the sites they host are so slow!



Time is Money